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At Mahanakorn Rice, quality is a firm and uncompromising commitment. We believe excellence quality product forms the base and core for the success of any company. We follow the below mentioned norms to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • From the initial stage of procurement to the final stage of packing & storing, high standards of quality and hygiene are maintained throughout.
  • Strict measures of quality control are applied right at the stage of raw material procurement to ensure high quality finished product.
  • All the products are delivered as per the agreed specifications/norms of quality.
  • Uniform quality and consistency is maintained for all consignments.

"Excellence Production for High Quality Product"

Mahanakorn Rice highly concentrated on production process as well as quality control to comply with the standards of factory which are higher than those of Ministry of Commerce. Process of inspecting raw materials when arriving and work-in-process are necessary done in laboratory which has high controlling system that are quite precise. Each step in production would be randomly checked to ensure that final products would have quality that meets our high standard.

Chemical Laboratory
  UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Analyzing and finding Amylose content in rice
  Sample Mill Grinding rice to be flour for analyzing Amylose contente
  Hot Plate Strirrer Boiling water to prepare for chemial testing and to heat samples.
  Electronic Balance Readable 0.0001 Weighing light samples in the test,for samples weighing 0.0100 - 210.0000 g.
Physical Laboratory
  Electronic Balance Readable 0.01 g. Weighting heavy samples in the test, for samples weighing 0.10 - 3,100.00g.
  Grain Separator Separating broken grains that are smaller than 5.2 mm.
  Moisture Analyzer Measuring moisture level of rice
  Whieness Indicator Measuring whiteness of the rice
  Micrometer Measuring the size of rice grains to indentify head rice and broken grains
  UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Analyzing and finding Amylose content in rice